Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) Policy

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to ensuring our systems are not exploited for money laundering, terrorist financing, or other illicit activities. To uphold this commitment, we take the following actions:

General Provisions

We are fully dedicated to implementing measures that prevent money laundering and combat terrorist financing. We recognize our social responsibility in ensuring our systems are not used as tools for criminal activity.

We strive to remain updated on the latest prevention measures to safeguard our organization, its operations, and its reputation.

Our policies and procedures are designed and continuously updated to comply with relevant laws and regulations.

As a provider of online games of chance, we are required to maintain adequate practices and procedures to prevent our systems from being used for money laundering or funding terrorist and criminal activities.

Customer Due Diligence

We will implement appropriate customer due diligence measures as required by law, including the use of identifiers.

If a customer's risk profile changes due to 'red flags', we will conduct enhanced due diligence. This includes verification through personal documents, publicly available data, privileged information from other operators and sources, financial or corporate data, and third-party data providers.

We have a duty to monitor all customer relationships in accordance with industry best practices, international recommendations, and guidelines.

Any suspicious transactions or circumstances potentially related to money laundering and terrorist financing will be reported to the relevant law enforcement authorities.

If due diligence checks cannot be completed, we will suspend the business relationship until all checks are satisfactorily completed.

Cryptocurrency Transactions

The company reserves the right to perform additional background and security checks for customers wishing to deposit or withdraw using cryptocurrencies. In cases of suspicion, the company may suspend the customer account and request additional due diligence documentation.

If we cannot verify the customer's identity or the source of funds, the matter will be referred to the management board and service provider for review and final decision.

If the decision is to terminate the relationship, any retained customer funds will be held in a seized funds account and declared in any suspicious activity report made to law enforcement.

Reporting Suspicions

We are obligated to report any unusual or suspicious transactions. Identifying a customer on a sanctions list, linked to money laundering, financing of terrorism, or other criminal activity, may necessitate submitting a formal suspicious activity report to law enforcement.

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