🪙BTE Token

The Betero token (BTE) is the native token of the Betero ecosystem. It is used to redistribute rewards to the community and make betting fair again.

Betero’s vision is to eliminate capitalism’s stranglehold on the betting market and distribute profits back to the players and token holders. We want to dissolve the existing structures that enable platform providers to earn high-profit margins on people’s bets. It is also an opportunity to explore breaking up a margin-based marketplace economy into a decentralized market that rewards the participants.

With Betero, most of the profits made on people’s bets will be returned directly to the users in the form of cashback and staking rewards. Before the profit redistribution begins, all other cryptocurrencies are converted into BTE.

BTE Chart

Trade BTE

You can trade BTE on several Decentralised Exchanges:





MM Finance


BTE Token Contracts


BNB Smart Chain








Currently, there is no liquidity on the Avalanche network.

BTE Token Audit

The original Betero token was deployed on the Ethereum blockchain and was audited by Certik.

Multichain Network

To make BTE available on other chains, such as BSC, Betero has partnered up with Multichain. Multichain set up and deployed the Betero contract on BNB, AVAX, and CRONOS. It is based on their AnyswapV6ERC20 contract standard. To operate the bridge, the contract needs a mint function.

The Betero team can't mint new tokens as the contract ownership of the main Betero contract was renounced.

BTE Tokenomics

BTE has a maximum and total supply of 2,500,000,000 tokens.

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