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Betero Portal & Farm

Betero Farm

Currently operated as the Betero Farm where you can earn attractive passive income on your BTE deposits.

Betero Portal

The following weeks after the release of the main Betero platform, the team is going to introduce the Betero Portal.
The Betero Portal is a page where players can do various things related to the Betero platform and BTE token.
  • Users can claim and withdraw their cashback from the previous months.
  • Manage their BTE farms. The current Betero Fram page will be transitioned into the new Betero Portal.
  • Deposit BTE to the new Staking Rewards pool to profit from the success of the platform.
  • Manage their Club tier by staking more BTE to the pools available so that users can enjoy even higher cashback, for example.
  • Once the Oracle is live, it will show recommendations on the portal. This feature is coming later.
  • Bet Pump and Bet Boost are also features that will become available later.