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Profit Redistribution

The Betero Profit Redistribution is a revolutionary mechanism to make sports betting and gambling fair and fun. Major shares of the platform's profit get distributed back to the players and BTE token holders.


25% of all profits made are returned to the players who placed bets and have a loss. Players who win their bets do not receive cashback. The Betero system calculates the total platform profit at the end of each month and redistributes it among the accounts of players who have a negative betting balance.
The Cashback functionality, which is unique to Betero becomes active the following month for all eligible players. The payouts depend on the Betero Club Tier of the player.
Players can connect their wallet to the Betero Portal to claim their cashback the following month. For example, if a player encounters some net losses in April, he can claim his cashback in May. The cashback will be reset every month. In our example, this means if the player hasn’t claimed his cashback until the first of June, his cashback will expire.

Staking Rewards

25% of all profits made are used as staking rewards to incentivize BTE holders and attract liquidity providers.
There will be a new pool set up on the Betero Portal page that receives the BTE obtained from converting the monthly profits of the platforms. The new Staking Rewards pool runs on a special smart contract that sets the reward rate dynamically based on the amount of BTE tokens deposits of the month. The rewards then last for one month. The next monthly deposit resets the parameters and sets a new reward rate. The pool is going to have a lock time of 3 months.
With the rise of the Betero platform and higher volumes over time, the Staking Rewards pool is going to replace the current farming pools step by step. This ensures that no new BTE tokens enter the market.


15% of all profits made are used to buy back BTE and burn those tokens. This puts constant buy pressure on the BTE token and reduces the total supply.
The first burn is going to start with the profits made during the first month of the platform being live.


20% of all profits made are spent on marketing and the sponsoring of football clubs. This ensures Betero reaches a wide audience and can grow steadily.


5% of all profits made are used to add new features to the platform, keep it secure, and secure funds to run the server infrastructure.

Ecosystem Fund

5% of all profits made go toward the ecosystem fund, which is used to build partnerships and increase Betero’s exposure.

Betero Boost Game

5% of all profits made are used to reward players of the Betero Boost Game. These rewards can be used by the players to boost future bets by 2x, 3x, or 4x. The boost can only be used with a new crypto bet, thus incentivizing people to bet more often.
The Betero Boost Game is going to be released later. The 5% allocated towards it will be used for its development to speed it up and be able to release it quicker.