Betero is a people-oriented betting platform that accepts deposits of multiple cryptocurrencies and redistributes profits back to players and token holders.

By aggregating various sports data providers, Betero will be able to offer the best odds on the market.

Users can deposit a wide range of cryptocurrencies and start betting within seconds. The app for the web as well as for iOS and Android, offers live betting, accumulator bets, globally recognized professional leagues and more.

We eliminate capitalismโ€™s stranglehold on the betting market and distribute profits back to the players and token holders. We break up this margin-based marketplace economy into a decentralized market that rewards the participants.

Active platform users receive cashback for lost bets, and BTE token holders receive the majority of profits via our staking contracts.

The Betero protocol will function as a hybrid-decentralized model that enables the platform to work as simply as traditional betting companies.

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