Betero is the world’s first people oriented betting platform that accepts deposits of multiple cryptocurrencies backed by a DAO.
Betero is the world’s first online blockchain betting market that accepts deposits of multiple cryptocurrencies. Users can start betting on their favorite games with just a few clicks.
By aggregating various sports data providers, Betero will be able to offer the best odds on the market. Moreover, through the integrated Betero DAO, token holders can vote for their preferred data providers.
Betero is the first sportsbook protocol that distributes back profits to players and token holders. Active platform users receive cashback for lost bets, and BTE token holders receive the majority of profits via our staking contracts.
Live betting is one of the most attractive bets that the Betero app for Android and iOS offers. Users can bet on every possible sport and globally recognized professional leagues on their mobile devices.
The Betero protocol will function as a hybrid-decentralized model that enables the platform to work as simple as traditional betting companies. To build the Betero platform, blockchain technology and smart contracts will be used most, provided it ensures simplicity for the user.
The Betero backend will aggregate several centralized data providers to define the bets to resolve the betting markets in real-time and allow live bets. Those data providers are chosen by governance votes as part of the Betero DAO.
Last modified 9mo ago