Refer a friend and start earning commission!

Betero is a platform for the people, and therefor we offer a referral program to all players on our platform.

Simply invite friends to Betero using your referral ID to start earning a commission. Note that you need to be level 10 ($8k wager) in order to start earning from your friend's bets.

How to find your referral ID

  1. Go to your profile and select “Referral”.

  2. Copy your Referral ID or share the link to your friends.

The referral ID of this user is “B5i7xlZy” for example. You can also edit your code and pick a name you like.

It is important that your friends manually make sure that the code is applied correctly. Sometimes using the link to sign up is not enough.

Ask your friends to click on the “Deposit” button (after they have connected their wallet). Click on “Referral” and enter the code. Your friends must do that within the first 24 hours of the account creation.

Earn a commission

You can always get a commission from any bet wagered, no matter they win or lose. The higher your VIP level, the higher the percentage of commission you get from the bet.

Your commission is relevant to the house edge of the game and the bet volume.

Different games have a different house edge. You can derive your commission using the following formula:

ReferralBonus=HouseEdgewagercommissionrateReferral Bonus = House Edge * wager * commission rate
HouseEdge=1RTPHouse Edge = 1 - RTP

Different games have a different house edge. RTP means Return To Player.

The referral commission rate is 5%.

Please note using your own referral code will result in action against your accounts, including bans & forfeiture of any funds.

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