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Ranks & Rewards

Enjoy attractive ranks and rewards on the Betero Platform

The Rewards Page

Betero offers all its users an exciting Reward Calendar where they can earn extra rewards every day!
The higher your player rank on Betero, the more rewards you will receive.
To open the rewards section, go to the side panel on the left and click on "Rewards".
On this page, you will also see details about your current rank and the following ranks to unlock.

How to level up to a new rank?

If you click on your profile on the top right of the screen, you can see your current progress until you level up to the next rank.
The amount in USD shown is your total wager which means the total betting volume you have placed so far.
For example, placing a bet slip of $20 will add $20 to your total wager. Playing 10 times $5 on a Roulette or Black Jack would add $50 to your wager.

Different Boni Available


Ranks on Betero Platform VS Betero Portal

The ranks available on the Betero Platform are not to be confused with the Betero Club tiers used for the Betero Profit Redistribution and Cashback.
The Betero Club tiers become active in May.