Betero BTE Token

What is the Betero Coin BTE? The Betero token (BTE) is the native token of the Betero ecosystem. It is used to redistribute rewards to the community and make betting fair again.
How to purchase the Betero Coin? After launch, BTE will be able to trade PancakeSwap first, followed by UniSwap. More exchange will follow in the weeks and months after.
What benefit do I have by holding BTE tokens? As an investor, you would earn from the platform profits made from betting by Betero app users. Betting markets have high profit margins and combined with the Betero profit redistribution program, BTE holders can earn passive income by staking their tokens. Furthermore you can get voting rights by holding BTE. As a player, Betero offers premium tiers (wooden, bronze, silver, gold) in the application. Those tiers enable users to receive higher cashbacks if they lose bets. It also enables a Bet Pump, higher Betero Boosts, and the use of the Bet Oracle.
What blockchains will BTE be available on? Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Cronos, Avalanche
How are the different sales of Betero structured? The sale rounds are structured in seed raise, private sale, pre-sale and public sale.
Does the BTE token have an audit? Yes, BTE has an audit performed by CertiK.
Are team tokens locked for a specific time? Team tokens are completely locked for one year, following a linear unvesting for another 3 years. In total they are locked for up to 4 years.
Is the initial liquidity going to be locked? Yes, the initial liquidity which will be provided on PancakeSwap and UniSwap will be locked for one year.
Is it possible to stake and lock BTE coins to earn staking rewards and still participate in governance proposals? Yes, it's possible but if the user withdraws from the staking contract, the BTEG tokens will be burned and the users voting right will be removed.
What is the BTEG token? It is the Betero governance token. It is automatically minted when holders stake BTE to a farm. BTEG is a non-transferable token and can’t be traded. Betero governance will be available cross-chain to enable all BTE holders to vote.